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Non Surgical Help to Stop Snoring

A recent research by Dr. Chris Alford, University of West of England revealed that near two-thirds of people complain that their partner keeps them awake because of snoring. The condition can create relationship problems. Snorers often take their condition very lightly, and they seem reluctant to do something about it. After all they can sleep through most of it.

Snoring can be serious and become a life threatening condition. It has been linked with

* Heart conditions, strokes, blood pressure and diabetes

* Sleep Apnea: A breathing obstruction, which requires the sleeper to awaken to begin breathing again.This, is a very serious condition during which a snorer stops breathing while asleep from a few moments up to a minute. Apnea can result in Sadden death by reduced oxygen to the brain.

* Day time tiredness and irritability

* Poor concentration

* Slower reaction time

If your snoring partner is in denial a good approach will be to give him/her the opportunity to hear themselves. Get them to agree in to taping them. Just press the record button when he/she wakes you up at night.

There is a popular believe that the only option for improvement with snoring is surgery or some kind of radical solution. The truth however is that there are non surgical methods, such as the following, that are less expensive and they can help a large number of snores

*Life style changes: Losing weight, quitting smoking and the use of excess alcohol and changing sleep habits (sleeping on your side instead of your back) are self administered treatments that can help snorers. For example many cases of snoring are related to someone being overweight. Losing weight will reduce the fatty tissue from obstructing their airway.

*Improving your fitness: Improving you fitness level can improve your ability to breathe freely during sleep. In addition to general fitness there is exercise that could help with snoring. Goodman's snoring exercise program is designed to tone the critical throat areas, to reduce the audible vibrations.

*Mandibular advancement splints: Another approach to stop snoring is dental appliances. They have been effective for many snorers. Your dentist may specialize in sleep dentistry in which case he can help you by suggesting a special type of mouthpiece.

*Snore stopper: One further approach to prevent snoring is to purchase for your partner, as a gift, an electronic device called the electronic snore stopper. This is a simple device worn on the wrist while you sleep. The Snore Stopper's biosensors will detect snoring and will deliver a very gentle stimulation onto the surface of the skin. The few seconds' lasting impulse will causes the snorer either to change body position or an increase in throat muscle tension. Studies have shown that approximately 80% of snorers have shown improvement with

* reduced snoring frequency and volume

* normal breathing

* decreases daytime problems

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