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The Importance of Physiatrists to Athletes' Rehabilitation

Dr. Mary Kneiser is a medical professional in the field of physiatry. Also known as a physiatrist, this type of scientific expertise focuses in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine. Kneiser is a physiatrist who provides cares to her patients experiencing a temporary or permanent loss on one of the body's functions. The goal of physiatrist is to help a patient have an improved or maximized functional ability after an injury. This science targets three areas including musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory organs on the body.

Athletes are the group of people which commonly needs to seek consultation from physiatrists like Dr. Mary Kneiser. This is because they need to rehabilitate their body from constant injuries which they regularly attain through physical and rigorous sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, boxing and other sports that require the physical body to be exposed to fatigue. Actually, sports medicine can overlap when it comes to the treatment given in physical medicine. It has six domains namely, prevention, clinical education and diagnostic immediate care, rehabilitation and reconditioning, organizations and administration, and professional responsibility. When athletes encountered an injury, it is a physiatrist's job to get the athletes back in shape in order for them to be back in the game again. This may be very helpful to athletes who have an upcoming game and cannot be postponed even when there is injury at hand. Physiatry makes rehabilitation easier through its practice as a whole.

However, speedy, athletes can attest that muscle and bone injuries can be quite painful when treated, which is why a physiatrist must do it carefully in order to lessen the induced pain. Limbs and joints are usually the most affected areas for athletes due to a fall or a smash, and this is also the most critical area that could determine if an athlete can continue with his career or if it marks the end. This makes the situation very difficult for physiatrists such as Dr. Mary Kneiser. A doctor would definitely want his patient to get back on track and get back to his life doing the things he usually does. Nevertheless, there are some instances when an injury is so great that it wraps up the entire chance or possibility of a person, most especially an athlete to go back to the game he is playing. This situation makes it twice as hard for physiatrist. Finally, the best prevention for athletes is to always have a consultation or visit to physiatrists to make sure that his body is functioning well and will not serve as a hindrance to his athletic goals.

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